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How Many Things in a Faber Dozen? Find out why we made up our own special designation for important lists


A Faber Dozen is any list of 15 items collected as a group. We use this designation repeatedly on narangahTravel to call out our personal favorites, to assemble most popular lists, and to collect and share ideas, suggestions, and travel tips. It’s an easy way for us to put a number on our thoughts that readers can rely on as they browse our site.

Why the Faber Dozen?

Most people know that a standard dozen denotes a group of 12. As in a dozen eggs. In countries using the Imperial system of weights and measures, eggs are often packaged and sold by the dozen. In the rest of the world, where the decimal system rules, they are typically sold in tens.

A common variation on the dozen is the Baker’s Dozen, which denotes a group of 13. In England, where bread was at one time sold by weight, delivering 13 rolls for the price of 12 became as an accepted practice for avoiding the possibility of accidentally shortchanging customer orders. Eventually the label entered into common usage in all trades to denote the giving of one extra, often for promotional advantage.


When we started thinking about travel, we knew instinctively that lists are essential to help us focus attention on the most important possibilities for exploration, discovery and enjoyment. We developed the Faber Dozen to mark content we carefully curate for our readers.

After all, why should bakers have all the fun?

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