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Visit New York City: Free Travel Guide to the City That Never Sleeps Discover the Big Apple, America's Top Tourist Destination

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Everything you need to know to plan a visit to New York City, the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps. Start with these Quicklinks to zero in on a neighborhood or popular attraction. Learn more from our introductory article and links to the local history timeline. Explore recommendations for sights, activities, food, lodging, entertainment, and festivals and events. No time to do all this online? Download a New York City travel guide or have Amazon deliver one to your door.

New York City Quicklinks


Bronx  Brooklyn  Manhattan  Queens  Staten Island

Top Attractions

9/11 Memorial  Broadway  Central Park


Bronx Zoo  Chinatown

Ellis Island  Empire State Building

Fifth Avenue  Freedom tower

Grand Central  Greenwich Village

Lincoln Center  Metropolitan Museum of Art  MOMA

Museum of Natural History  Rockefeller Center  

South Street Seaport  Statue of Liberty

Times Square

Discover New York City

Asked why he moved to New York City, John Lennon answered, “If I’d lived in Roman times, I’d have lived in Rome. Where else? Today America is the Roman Empire and New York is Rome itself.”

Indeed New York City is impressive from almost any angle. With an absolute population of almost 9 million people and a metropolitan area of over 20 million, it is the largest city in the United States. If it were a country, it would have the ninth largest economy in the world, and is home to over 50 Fortune 500 companies.

New York City has scores of famous landmarks, iconic buildings, important museums, acclaimed restaurants, historic hotels, as well as the largest theatre district in the world.


The New York area was inhabited by Native American tribes long before Europeans arrived and started exploiting its natural resources. Following several decades of development as a Dutch trading colony, the city of New Amsterdam was incorporated in 1653. In 1664 the city passed into British hands and was renamed New York.

These are our top 15 recommendations for visitors to New York City. Why the Faber dozen?

  1. Visit the Empire State Building. Take in the view from the 86th floor Observation Deck.
  2. Visit the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Center.
  3. Revel in Times Square and see a Broadway Show.
  4. Go for a Stroll on Fifth Avenue. Rockefeller Center.
  5. Visit Freedom Tower and the National 9/11 Memorial.
  6. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  7. Museum of Modern Art
  8. See a ballgame at Yankee Stadium
  9. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
  10. Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry.
  11. Run with the bulls on Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange.
  12. Visit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
  13. Enjoy a casual outing to Brooklyn’s Coney Island Amusement Park.
  14. Lose yourself in the Museum of Natural History.
  15. After you finish running around to all of these other great sights, sit down and relax in Central Park.

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