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Discover Great Britain: Free Travel Guide to the UK Explore All the Sights of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Home to London, the largest city in Europe,

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Aberdeen  Bath  Belfast  Birmingham  Brighton  Bristol

Cambridge  Cardiff  Durham  Edinburgh  Exeter  Glasgow

Leeds  Liverpool  London  Manchester  Newcastle

Nottingham  Oxford  Plymouth  Portsmouth  Sheffield

Stoke-on-Trent  Swansea  York

Discover Great Britain

Canada is a vast country with much to delight tourists and visitors. Toronto, the largest city, has everything a large metropolis can offer. French speaking Montreal and Quebec City provide European flavors in a North American setting. Western style Calgary and artsy Vancouver are culturally distinct, lively cities. Halifax, Charlottetown and St. John build on their maritime histories to deliver exciting coastal experiences. The natural beauty of Canada is on full display at National Parks and Provincial Parks across the country.

Canada is home to 18 UNESCO World Heritage properties, comprised of eight cultural and ten historical sites.

Cultural monument Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump preserves remains of the 6000 year history of Bison hunting in North America. 11th century L’Anse Aux Meadows is the only known site of Norse presence in Canada.  Old Quebec, Grand Pre, the Red Bay Basque Whaling Station and Old Town Lunenburg preserve the life and practices of European settlers over the centuries. The Rideau Canal is a valuable monument to the great canal building era in North America. SGang Gwaay illustrates the art and life of the pole carving Haida people of the Pacific coast.

The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Gros Morne National Park, Waterton/Glacier International Peace Park, and the Kluane/Wrangell–St. Elias/Glacier Bay/Tatshenshini-Alsek parks capture the grand vistas and striking natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Miguasha National Park and Mistaken Point preserve exceptional and scientifically important fossil remains. Nahanni National Park protects one of the world’s great wild rivers. Wood Buffalo National Park is home to the largest wild bison population in the world.

In addition, no visit to Canada would be complete without visiting the famous Niagara Falls, one of the most popular and spectacular attractions in the country.


Key dates in British History

43 Romans land in Britain.

440-450 start of Angle, Saxon and Jute invasions

1034 Duncan I becomes first King of all Scotland

1066 William the conqueror defeats King Harold at the Battle of Hastings to become the first Norman King of England.

1086 Publication of the Domesday Book, ordered by William the Conqueror to record the Great Survey of England and Wales.

1256 The first Parliament to include ordinary citizens

1533-34 Henry VIII forms the Church of England

1535 Act of Union with Wales

1558-1603 Reign of Queen Elizabeth I

1603 Union of the English and Scottish crowns. James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England

1642 Civil War breaks out

1649 Charles I executed, Parliament declares the commonwealth.

1707 Act of Union with Scotland

1721 Robert Walpole becomes Britain’s first Prime Minister.

1837-1901 Reign of Queen Victoria. Industrial revolution leds to growth of the British Empire.

1924 First Labor Government

1948 National Health Service introduced.

1973 Britain joins the European Community..

1999 Formation of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

2005 Terrorist attacks on public transport in London

2014 Referendum on Scottish Independence held.

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