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Alabama Civil War Trail: History Remembered Visit statewide historical sites, battlefields and reenactments

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The Alabama Civil War Trail is a collection of Civil War era historical sites, museums, battlefields, re-enactments and events all around the state. Visit one or visit them all to learn more about Alabama’s role in Confederate and Civil War history.

Complete List of Sites on the Alabama Civil War Trail

  1. Alabama Department of Archives & History
  2. Alabama State Capitol
  3. Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens
  4. Athens
  5. Berman Museum of World History
  6. Bessemer Hall of History Museum
  7. Blue & Gray Museum of North Alabama
  8. Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park
  9. Confederate Memorial Park
  10. Confederate Rest & National Cemetery at Magnolia Cemetery
  11. Cornwall Furnace Park
  12. Damn the Torpedoes Civil War Trail
  13. Decatur Civil War Walking Tour
  14. Dred Scott Home Site
  15. Emma Sansom Monument
  16. First White House of the Confederacy
  17. Forrest-Streight Route
  18. Fort Morgan State Historic Site
  19. Fort Tyler
  20. Gallant Pelham Statue
  21. Historic Blakeley State Park
  22. Historic Fort Gaines
  23. Historic Grand Hotel
  24. Historic Huntsville Depot
  25. Janney Furnace
  26. Joe Wheeler Plantation, “Pond Spring”
  27. Karl C. Harrison Museum of Washington
  28. Marion Female Seminary
  29. Marion Military Institute & St. Wilfrid’s
  30. Museum of Mobile
  31. Newton Civil War Monument
  32. Old Cahawba Archaeological Park
  33. Old Depot Museum
  34. Old Live Oak Cemetery
  35. Pope’s Tavern Museum
  36. Shorter Cemetery
  37. Stevenson Railroad Depot Museum
  38. Tallassee Confederate Armory
  39. Tallassee Confederate Officer’s Quarters
  40. Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park
  41. Union Springs Confederate Cemetery
  42. University of Alabama Campus
  43. Vaughn-Smitherman Historic Building
  44. Winter Building
  45. Winston County “Dual Destiny” Monument
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Alabama Civil War Battles

There were over 300 military actions in Alabama during the American Civil War. This is a list of the eight largest campaigns, with notes describing some of the most significant battles and engagements.

  • Streight’s Raid (1863) Failed incursion by Union forces under Col. Abel D. Streight attempting to destroy Confederate supply lines in North Alabama. Streight and his entire force captured by Confederate Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest at Cedar Bluff, Alabama.
  • Rousseau’s Cavalry Raid (July 1864) Series of attacks by Union Forces under Maj. Gen. Lovell Harrison Rousseau. Considered one of the most daring and successful cavalry raids of the Civil War. Included the Battle of Ten Islands and the Battle of Chehaw Station.
  • Mobile Campaign (Part I) (August 1864) Preparatory action for a later full on assault of Mobile, Alabama. Included the Battle of Mobile Bay and the sieges of Fort Powell, Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan.
  • Forrest’s North Alabama Cavalry Raid (September 1864) Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest led his mounted troops into north Alabama and Tennessee to disrupt supply lines and divert reinforcements destined for Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman’s army in Georgia. Included the Battle of Athens and the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle.
  • Decatur Demonstration (October 1864) Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood led his forces in an ill-advised demonstration against Union forces under Brig. Gen. Robert S. Granger at Decatur, Alabama, resulting in the loss of over 400 men.
  • Mobile Campaign (Part II) (March-April 1865) Union army campaign to capture Mobile, Alabama. Included the Battle of Spanish Fort and the Battle of Fort Blakely.
  • Wilson’s Raid (March-April 1865) A very successful raid under the command of Union Brig. Gen. James H. Wilson, sent to capture Confederate facilities in Selma, Alabama.
  • Battle of Fort Blakely (April 1865) The last major battle of the American Civil War, in which the fort gave in to Union forces just hours after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox.

Alabama Civil War Re-enactment Events


Siege of Bridgeport at Bridgeport. +1 (256) 495-3614



Battle of Blakely Festival at Spanish Fort, Historic Blakely State Park +1 (251) 626-0798

Battle of Ten Island at Ohatchee +1 (256) 390-3910

Campaign for Fort Morgan at Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan State Historic Site +1 (251) 540-7127

Confederate Memorial Park at Marbury, living history and skirmish +1 (205) 755-1990


Fiddler’s Green at Jacksonville +1 (256) 454-0092

Recall LaGrange at Leighton, LaGrange College Site Park. Military demonstrations, no battle reenactments. +1 (256) 446-9324

Tannehill Skirmish at McCalla, Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park +1 (205) 477-5711


Fort Morgan Siege & Encampment at Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan State Historic Site +1 (251) 540-7127


Joe Wheeler Plantation at Hillsboro, Living history. +1 (256) 637-8513

September Skirmish at Decatur, Point Mallard Park. +1 (256) 350-2028

Skirmish at Luxapalila at Winfield. +1 (205) 487-1938


Old Baker Farm at Harpersville +1 (205) 672-7209

Battles for the Armory Tallahassee +1 (334) 283-6888